Whatcom WRITES Writing Contest

Whatcom WRITES 2014 authors present at Village Books.
Whatcom WRITES 2014 authors present at Village Books.

Whatcom WRITES is a writing contest offering writers of all ages and experience levels an opportunity to explore themes related to the year’s Whatcom READS title. Top entries are selected for publication and public presentation.

This Year’s Theme: RESISTANCE

  • How does pushing against something make you (or it) stronger?
  • How has resistance changed the course of your life and where did it take you?
  • What are you resisting right now, and why?

How to Participate

This year’s submission deadline was October 31, 2017. Stay tuned for the published collection of Whatcom WRITES 2018 submissions and public presentations of the top entries, scheduled in February 2018.  See our Events page for details!

The Fine Print

Entries received are judged on a rubric that includes originality, design and creativity, demonstrated writing skills, and appropriateness to contest theme.

Whatcom READS will publish a print and electronic anthology of the top entries received, together with a piece written by author Sunil Yapa.  People who submit top entries will be invited to make a public presentation of their work.

By submitting an entry, writers grant permission to Whatcom READS to share their entries, in part or in whole, in the anthology and in other Whatcom READS print and digital publications, websites and social media sites, and public presentations. Rights return to the author upon publication.

More Information

Printable flyer: Whatcom WRITES 2018 Writing Contest Details

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