Help us find our 2023 selection

Wondering how we choose our featured book? We’re glad you asked because we need your ideas. Whatcom READS is our community book club, so book suggestions from local readers is an important step in the selection process.

It’s easy to do. Send an email with your book recommendation to Please include the title, author and a brief explanation of how it fits the criteria below. The Whatcom READS selection committee reviews each recommendation. We narrow the list, read the books, and have lively discussions about each. When all the book talk clears, we make our choice and contact the author. This all happens up to two years in advance. The title chosen for the coming year is announced each spring.

Ready to recommend a Whatcom READS book? Please keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Book should have local ties, addressing cultural, historical or local interests -OR- be written by an author who is from or has ties to our region
  • Author must be available to visit Whatcom County
  • Author must be an engaging speaker
  • Book must have appeal to a wide range of readers.

Other important considerations include:

  • Availability of the book in multiple formats (for example, paperback, large print, audio, other languages)
  • Affordability of the author’s fee and travel costs
  • Timeliness of themes in relation to current issues or events
  • Opportunities for community discussion and partnerships

Whatcom READS is strengthened by the support and participation of community members across Whatcom County.